Warney summed up in perfect last meal, Clarke’s ‘devastation’

Shane Warne’s manager says the cricket superstar was on a crazy diet in the weeks leading up to his shock death – but a close mate says Warne’s final meal was an Aussie classic – Vegemite on toast.

Tom Hall, writing in The Sporting News, said he was with Warne just before he suffered a suspected heart attack.

“The conversation ran from poker, to a planned trip to Tulum in Mexico, the upcoming IPL season and the usual assortment of golfing stories,” Hall wrote.

“I have dined with Shane in many fine establishments, but rather than sample some of the local Thai fare, we tuck into a plate of Vegemite on toast. Shane chomping away: ‘Geez, you can’t beat Vegemite with some butter, always great wherever you are in the world’.

“An Australian through and through — this was to turn out to be his last meal. Ever the caring father, as I was leaving, he headed up to his bedroom to call his kids.”

Warne’s manager James Erskine told the Today program that Warne had just finished a two week diet.

“He did go on these ridiculous sorts of diets and he just finished one, where he basically only ate fluids for 14 days and he’d done this three or four times,” Erskine told Weekend Today.

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“It was a bit … all or nothing. It was either white buns with butter and lasagne stuffed in the middle or he would be having black and green juices.

“I don’t know, he obviously smoked most of his life. I don’t know, I think it was just a massive heart attack. That’s what I think’s happened.”

Former Australia captain Michael Clarke told Sydney radio’s The Big Sports Breakfast of his shock at receiving a 1am call reporting the death of his close friend.

“I was extremely devastated and shocked,” said Clarke. “Like a lot of people you really feel for Shane’s family, his kids particularly and people who have been so close to him.

“The hardest thing to comprehend is how quickly it’s happened. Reasonably fit, Warnie. He’d go through stages where he’d put a bit of weight on but generally for 52 he’s in pretty good nick.

“If Warnie had liver cancer and passed from that everyone on the planet would understand, the amount of cigarettes he smoked throughout his time and the way he’s treated his body at certain times with diet.

“He didn’t mind a drink but wasn’t a massive drinker. He didn’t mind a drink to celebrate a good time but he didn’t over drink but loved a smoke.

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“I spoke to him two days ago before he got on the plane and nothing had changed, sounded the same, acted the same.”

CHRISTCHURCH, NEW ZEALAND - MARCH 8: Shane Warne of Australia talks with teammate Michael Clarke during training at Jade Stadium on March 8, 2005 in Christchurch, New Zealand. (Photo by Hamish Blair/Getty Images)

 (Photo by Hamish Blair/Getty Images)

A paramedic told British newspapers what happened when they reached Warne’s room.

“Shane’s friends were already trying to bring him back to life,” Paramedic Anuch Han-iam told The Sun. “I took over doing CPR while we waited for an ambulance.

“They were desperate. I think one was crying. They were really stressed and panicked.

“They kept trying to wake him and I heard someone saying, ‘Come on, Shane. Come on, Shane’.

“I could see they were all shocked and I just tried to concentrate and do my best.

“There were about four or five other people in the room. All men, there were no women.

“The villa was clean and I didn’t see any beer or cigarettes inside.

“There was nothing unusual that made me think they’d been partying. I didn’t know when I arrived that it was Shane Warne. But I know who he is, he’s a star.

“I did my best for him and gave all my energy. I’m so sorry that I couldn’t help him.”

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