Thunder court cleaners prevent Timberwolves from scoring on fast break

Watch: Thunder court cleaners prevent Wolves from scoring on fast break originally appeared on NBC Sports Bayarea

The Minnesota Timberwolves had to play 5-on-7 at one point of Friday night’s game against the Thunder in Oklahoma City.

Late in the third quarter, Wolves guard Jordan McLaughlin picked off Isaiah Roby’s pass moments after the Thunder advanced the ball into the frontcourt. McLaughlin looked to have a breakaway for two easy points, but there were two unexpected ‘defenders’ at the other end of the court.

A pair of court cleaners were still sweeping with their backs turned to the play, and McLaughlin ran into one of them. The collision knocked McLaughlin off his path to the rim and he put up a floater that missed. D’Angelo Russell then failed to convert the putback attempt and, with no whistles blown, the Thunder corralled the rebound.

As the Wolves’ TV crew argued in the above video, that shouldn’t simply be a play-on scenario. A technical foul is probably too harsh, but Minnesota should at least get possession of the ball.

The Wolves didn’t ultimately need those two points though, as they cruised to a 138-101 win.

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