R&A takes stance against Russian invasion of Ukraine, bans entries from Russia and Belarus


The R&A is the latest international sports governing body to condemn Russia for invading Ukraine, with the Scotland-based golf organization announcing it would decline entry to any golfer from Russia or Belarus, which has supported the war that broke out last week.

The R&A – which operates the British Open and several other professional and amateur events – also plans to contribute to a humanitarian aid fund and offer support for the Ukrainian Golf Federation, which on its site lists five golf clubs inside Ukraine.

The R&A acknowledged that it expected to have had no entries this year in its championships from Russia or Belarus, making it largely a symbolic gesture of support, but it joins the International Olympic Committee and the International Golf Federation in banning athletes from Russia and Belarus.

From the R&A’s site:

“We have considered the situation in the context of our direct responsibilities for governance, for staging golf events and for developing and investing in the sport around the world.

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