Pelicans unwilling to offer Brandon Ingram in Kevin Durant trade


While Kevin Durant’s trade reiteration has forced some teams to reconsider entering the trade market for the forward, it seems that the New Orleans Pelicans are no longer interested in offering one of their top assets.

According to a report from Christian Clark of, the Pelicans are uninterested in giving away Brandon Ingram. Clark wrote, “If Durant gets moved, the New Orleans Pelicans could be players in the sweepstakes, but that would likely require them to surrender Brandon Ingram. League sources say the Pelicans are unwilling to do so.”

Obviously the Nets price tag on Durant clearly requires a couple of talented established talents alongside draft compensation, which is making it difficult to make any leeway on an actual trade.

As the season approaches the Nets front office will be scrambling to get the roster fully prepared, which means finding the right trade and to get it done with enough time to train as a team.


Story originally appeared on Nets Wire

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