New ESPN 30 for 30 film to focus on Greg Norman and the 1996 Masters


Greg Norman has dominated the headlines over the last year for his work with LIV Golf Investments to start the Saudi Arabia-backed Super Golf League. That said, an upcoming documentary on the 20-time PGA Tour winner and two-time major champion will instead focus on how one day at the Masters in 1996 shaped his career.

“Shark”, the latest film in ESPN’s award-winning 30 for 30 series, will debut at 8 p.m. ET on April 5 from directors Jason Hehir and Thomas Odelfelt. The film will be made available on ESPN+ immediately after the premiere.

“There are places in sports that have such a mystique that they can forever shape the way we remember an athlete. Augusta National is one of those places,” said Hehir, who also worked on popular documentaries The Last Dance and The Fab Five. “Greg Norman is by any objective measure one of the greatest golfers to ever play the game. Two-time major winner, 331 weeks at world No. 1, leading money winner in PGA history pre-Tiger, one of the few indelible players of his era. But despite all his success, he’s perhaps remembered most for his failure at the Masters, particularly his excruciating collapse on final Sunday in 1996. I was excited for the opportunity to tell the story of one man’s career through the prism of such a sacred site, and to examine the power of one place to mold a man’s legacy, for better or worse.”

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Previous golf 30 for 30 films and shorts include “Hit It Hard” about John Daly (2016), “Tiger Hood” on New York City street golf (2016) and “The Arnold Palmer” on the drink, not the player (2012).

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