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Venezuelan dogs take it easy at puppy pool party

STORY: A pool party for over 40 dogs?Location: Pet Suites hotel, CaracasThis pet hotel in Venezuela offers just thatPet Suites hotel charges $13 a day for a morning walk and pool timeMassages, overnight stays, and medical checkups are also available[Otto Alvarado, Veterinarian, Dog pool party organizer]”It’s the first time we’ve held a great pool party. That’s why we called it the ‘Caracas pool party.’ A pool party for pets but their owners, their parents, are also able to get in with their dogs and they (dogs) can get rid of their fear of water. Dogs who have never been in a pool before can learn to socialize. There are dog owners who tell me: ‘I want to take my dog to the park but I’m afraid it’ll get lost.’ That can’t happen here. It’s a completely closed-off area. It’s a private party.”The hotel can accommodate up to 100 dogsand is fully booked during holiday periods like Easter and Christmas[Andriusca Paigo, Dog pool party attendee]”It’s very entertaining. They also do a lot of exercise, which is important. Instead of always going out for a walk, it’s another type of activity. Some are very nervous. She’s very nervous, but she enjoyed it. She enjoyed it and I think they are all having a good time.”

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