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I read with interest Jonathan Liew’s comments on the ticket prices for the Test match at Lord’s, having noticed the increase myself (Toxic relationship with money an elephant in the long room at Lord’s, 3, June). I was also informed by comments posted online under the article about increasing ticket costs in other sports, with club football now much more expensive than the £10 to £20 it was in the 1990s.

Those who cannot afford to attend world-class cricket at its home might consider the county game. I enjoyed several hours of cricket a few weeks ago at Lord’s, including seeing the Test captain Ben Stokes in action for his county, Durham, against Middlesex. It was great fun and, at £20, a bargain.

Also, unlike at many sports grounds, Liew need not have paid £3.10 for his cup of tea; he could have brought his own Thermos, taken his own picnic, and even a bottle of wine, at no charge. Test cricket is undeniably more expensive, and that is a shame, but first-class county cricket at Lord’s is one of the best value sporting events around.
Mark Jolly

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