Celtics’ Marcus Smart opens up on Nets, Kevin Durant trade rumors


While Kevin Durant has improved relations with the Brooklyn Nets front office, earlier over the Summer there were reports that a trade was discussed with the Boston Celtics surrounding Jaylen Brown and Marcus Smart.

Marcus Smart talked with basketball Jared Weiss of The Athletic about the rumors and reflected on the situation.

“For someone who’s always talked about in trade talks, I didn’t really pay too much mind to that. Until it actually happens, I don’t believe it”, Smart said. “We can sit here and say this person said this, but we don’t even know who said it. It’s like a telephone game. By the time it gets back to you, you don’t know what changed and who said what. Until it actually happens, I try to pay trade rumors no mind.”

The Nets never came to terms on a deal as reportedly they requested even more in assets, which ultimately pushed the Celtics away.


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Story originally appeared on Nets Wire

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