Gabriela Hearst On Chloé’s Sustainable Nama Sneaker For Spring ’22 – Footwear News

By now Gabriela Hearst is well known for her efforts to lower fashion’s impact on the environment. From her own eponymous, New York-based label to now nearly a full year creating major shifts in supply chains and craftsmanship processes at French luxury heritage brand Chloé, the Uruguay-born designer is teaching everyone — from her retailers … Read more

FIT Announces Annual Awards Gala Honorees – Footwear News

Tennis superstar Serena Williams will be honored at the Fashion Institute of Technology’s (FIT) Annual Awards Gala on April 13 at The Shed in New York’s Hudson Yards. Williams will receive the Fashion Icon Breakthrough Award for her achievements both on and off the court, from investing in companies that embrace diversity to launching her … Read more

Let’s Talk About Kinesiology Tape For Runners.

Kinesiology tape, or K-tape for short, is a stretchy tape developed in the ’70s by Dr Kenzo Kase, a chiropractor who wanted a tape to support soft tissue injuries without limiting the bodies movement, in the way other athletic tapes do (for example, Zinc oxide tape is robust and rigid, perfect for ankle stability taping … Read more

How To Apply Kinesiology Tape So It Actually Works.

Remember learning how K-tape works? It’s super-stretchy nature and what that is best used for? (assistance over stability). When NOT to use kinesiology tape? And how it IS NOT A QUICK FIX OR PERMANENT SOLUTION TO A YOUR PROBLEMS? Good! Now we head onto how to apply it, because yes, technique matters! Firstly, check the … Read more

Nike SB Dunk Low Bart Simpson Simpsons 2022 Release Date

The Nike SB Dunk is showing no signs of slowing down as the fan-favorite silhouette is set to arrive in a new eye-catching makeup soon. Newly leaked images from @PVASneakers and @Sneakerknockerzllc show a first look at an unreleased SB Dunk Low. The look starts off with a bright yellow tumbled leather as the base while red hits dress the suede … Read more